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  • Gonzalo Jover Olmeda
Gonzalo Jover Olmeda
Vol. 3 (1991), Artículos
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Nowadays, a higher identification of teachers as professionals is demanded. An important element in this conquest of professionalism is the attetion to professional ethics. So, it is clear the interest that a variety of activities trying to consolidate a status as professions show in professional ethics. Also in the teaching profession we can confirm a similar interest, as prove the amount of literature and the formulation of some codes of professional duties. Starting from the experience we hace now in this field, the author sets up a framework for a professional ethics of teachers according to the different ambits in the activity of the professional. Five general ambits are considered: a) ambit of the profession; b) institution; c) relationship with colleagues; d) relationship with students; and e) community. For each of these ambits, the most important principles and problems concerning professional ethics are analyzed: a) duties aiming to increase public credit in the profession and to elevate the professional levels; b) debate about academic freedom in private schools; c) respect for and collaboration with colleagues, other professionals and parents; d) respect for students, diligence, non-discrimination, truthfulness, unselfishness and confidentiality; and e) civic duties and promotion of social values. The paper finishes with some new ways for research into professional ethics of teachers, both for effectiveness and foundation.


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