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  • Bernardo Martínez Mut
Bernardo Martínez Mut
Vol. 5 (1993), Artículos
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The involvement of the groups and the organizations members in quality improvement of the products and services that those manufacture and delivery, is a undeniable reality. Specific projects have been carried out, inside of the more broad improvement programmes, for encouraching the employees involvement in the enterprises, two of which are described and analyzed in this article: Quality Circles and Suggestions System. Quality Circles are a group way for achieving that objective of involvement in the own work improvement, while the Suggestions are one of individual type and may be anonimous. We analyze the opinions and the attitudes of the members of eight enterprises from «Comunidad Valenciana» to their participation in these programmes and the difficulties for carrying out the proposals. For gathering these data we are carrying out the proposals. For gathering these data we are applied a lateral thinking technique, so-called Metaplan. Finally, according to the proposals of all the participants, we subscribe a range of measures for improving as the design as the execution of the programmes.


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