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  • Álvaro Bug Gimeno
Álvaro Bug Gimeno
Vol. 4 (1992), Estudios
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This article corresponds to the report presented by the author in the III European Symposium of Educational Supervision, held in Benalmádena (Málaga), from March 30 to April 4, 1992. It deals with the necessity to establish some principles of definition of the Supervision, and a design of the training program for supervisors. This objective is basée upon a systemic understanding of Education, which results in an investigation about the functions, roles and skills required for the supervisors, in order to improve their consideration as professionals. Later on, the article analyzes the norms of the Educational Supervision in Spain, which permits to know the administrative requirements in this field. Finally, the union made up by the théorie model of Supervision and the description of the supervisor -required by the current Spanish educational policy-, is connected with the educational change encouraged in Spain. All this leads to the conclusion that the Supervision must have a set of competences in order to intervene efficiently and professionally in the so called educational reform.


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