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Optimization of the virtual mouse HeadMouse to foster its classroom use by children with physical disabilities PDF
Merce TEIXIDO, Tomás PALLEJA, Marcel TRESANCHEZ, Davinia FONT, Javier MORENO, Alicia FERNÁNDEZ, Jordi PALACÍN, Carlos REBATE 01-08
AmICog – mobile technologies to assist people with cognitive disabilities in the work place PDF
Javier GÓMEZ, Xavier ALAMÁN, Germán MONTORO, Juan C. TORRADO, Adalberto PLAZA 9-17
User-centric cognitive assessment. Evaluation of attention in special working centres: from paper to Kinect PDF
Anna VILARO, Pilar ORERO 19-22
Intelligent Devices in Rural Wireless Networks PDF
Daniel FUENTES, Rosalía LAZA, Antonio PEREIRA 23-30
Online Adapting the Magnitude of Target Birth Intensity in the PHD Filter PDF
Tiancheng LI, Shudong SUN 31-40
Odor Classification using Agent Technology PDF
Sigeru OMATU, Tatsuyuki WADA, Pablo CHAMOSO 41-48
Control Prosody using Multi-Agent System PDF
Kenji MATSUI, Kenta KIMURA, Alberto PÉREZ 49-56


Index PDF

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