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Jorge Revuelta Herrero
ACM Student Member
Gabriel Villarrubia
ACM Student Member
Alberto L. Barriuso
ACM Student Member
Daniel Hernández
ACM Student Member
Álvaro Lozano
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Marco Antonio De La Serna González
Vol. 4 No. 4 (2015), Articles, pages 59-68
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Throughout the last years, great improvements have been made in the automotive industry, a sector with a high impact in both economics and social environments. Many development efforts have targeted on satisfying the need of providing smart environments to the end user in vehicles, such as cars. This paper proposes a brand-new solution in the automotive field, consisting of a new product family which aims to transform the traditional bicycle to an electric bicycle using an architecture that provides an adaptive environment to the user, improving the driving experience enabling value-added services.


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