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Index, 2016, Vol. 5, N. 4 PDF


Real Time Analytics for Characterizing the Computer User's State PDF
Davide CARNEIRO, Daniel ARAÚJO, André PIMENTA, Paulo NOVAIS 01-18
Relationships between Specified and Underspecified Quantification by the Theory of Acyclic Recursion PDF
Roussanka LOUKANOVA 19-42
Hash-chain-based authentication for IoT PDF
Antonio PINTO, Ricardo COSTA 43-57
Simulating heterogeneous user behaviors to interact with conversational interfaces PDF
David GRIOL, Jose Manuel MOLINA 59-69
Planning large systems with MDPs: case study of inland waterways supervision PDF
Guillaume DESQUESNES, Guillaume LOZENGUEZ, Arnaud DONIEC, Éric DUVIELLA 71-84
Adding real data to detect emotions by means of smart resource artifacts in MAS PDF
Jaime RINCÓN, Jose Luis POZA, Juan Luis POSADAS, Vicente JULIÁN, Carlos CARRASCOSA 85-92
Prototyping low-cost and flexible vehicle diagnostic systems PDF
Marisol GARCÍA-VALLS 93-103


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