La cueva de Valdegoba (Burgos). Primera campaña de excavaciones.


We report the results of the first archaeological season in the Valdegoba cave. The paleosettlements are of Middle Paleolithic, Neolithic and Early Bronze age. The first one is found in two stratigraphic levéis. It is interpreted as a specialized community in the chamois' hunting, with numerous stone tools (sidecrapers and denticulates) which are associated with a neanderthal jaw. The faunal remains show two possible climatic phases. The holocene elements are not frequent and they are typical pottery of the quoted chronology, with a possible storage pit of undefined age.
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Gil Zubillaga, E., Jordá Pardo, J. F., & Ortega Martínez, A. I. (2009). La cueva de Valdegoba (Burgos). Primera campaña de excavaciones. Zephyrvs, 41. Recuperado a partir de

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