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Bibliographic references in manuscripts submitted to CLINA are to follow The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition (CMS). The following references are offered as representative examples of common translation studies-specific sources. For more detailed reference guidelines, please see the CMS. This manual has also been translated/adapted into Spanish as Manual de estilo Chicago-Deusto).





Mayoral Asensio, Roberto. 1999. La traducción de la variación lingüística. Soria: Diputación Provincial de Soria.

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Book chapters

Bielski, Marek and Joanna Bielska. 2008. «Analysing Medical Language: A Study of Polish/English Abstract Translations». In English as an Additional Language in Research Publication and Communication, ed. by Sally Burgess and Pedro Martín-Martín. Bern, Switzerland: Peter Lang (Linguistic Insights, 61), 159-172.

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Journal articles published in paper-based format

Robyns, Clem. 1990. «The Normative Model of Twentieth Century Belles Infidèles: Detective Novels in French Translation». Target International Journal of Translation Studies 2 (1): 23–42.

Rodriguez Tapia, José Miguel. 1995. «Traduttore, traditore: Plagio y originalidad de una traducción. Comentario a la Sentencia del Tribunal Supremo (Sala 1ª) de 29 de Diciembre de 1993». Revista General de Derecho 604-605: 771–779.

Journal articles published online-only

López Guix, Juan Gabriel. 2009. «Sobre la primera traducción de Edgar Allan Poe al castellano». Revista de Historia de La Traducción 3. Accessed May 12, 2014. http://www.traduccionliteraria.org/1611/art/ lopezguix2.htm.

Evans, Jonathan. 2013. «Translating Board Games: Multimodality and Play». Journal of Specialised Translation 20. Accessed December 30, 2013. http://www.jostrans.org/issue20/art_evans.php

Book translations

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Online-only sources with author attribution

Sapere, Pablo. «Sepulturero, Ataúd y el policial muy negro», Pasadizo: Ciencia ficción, fantasía y terror (blog). Accessed March 20, 2014. http://www.pasadizo.com/index.php/archivo-de-articulos/949-34.

Online-only sources without author attribution

Language Industry Web platform (LIND-Web). Accessed April 2, 2014. http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/translation/ programmes/languageindustry/platform/index_en.htm


Joe Versus the Volcano. 1990. Directed by John Patrick Shanley. Burbank, CA: Warner Home Video, 2002. DVD.

Doctoral and Masters dissertations

Harvey, Keith. 2001. Translating the Queens’ English: Parodic Femininity in Fictional Representations of Gay Talk: A Study of French Representations of Late 1970s American Gay Fiction. Doctoral dissertation. University of Manchester.

Penco Tejero, Cristina. 2010. «How Do the Different Translations of Dashiell Hammett’s The Maltese Falcon (1930) in Spain Show the Workings of the Censorship System under Franco’s Regime?» Masters dissertation. University of Portsmouth.

Pérez Martínez, Sara. 2013. «La traducción del Black English Vernacular en la novela Si grita, suéltale de Chester Himes». Undergraduate dissertation. Universidad de Salamanca.

Personal Interview

Vázquez Rial, Horacio. 1999. Personal interview. February 2, 1999.