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Shivam Gupta
Indian Institute of Information Technology
Jyoti Meena
National Institute of Technology
O.P Gupta
Punjab Agricultural University
Vol. 9 No. 2 (2020), Articles, pages 23-32
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Timely diagnosis is important for saving the life of epileptic patients. In past few years, a lot of treatment are available for epilepsy. These treatments involve use of medicines. But these are not effective in controlling frequency of seizure. There is need of removal of affected region using surgery. Electroencephalogram (EEG) is a widely used technique for monitoring the brain activity and widely popular for seizure region detection. It is used before surgery for locating affected region. This manual process using EEG graphs is time consuming and requires deep expertise. In the present paper, a model has been proposed that preserves the true nature of EEG signal in form of textual one dimensional vector. The proposed model achieves a state of art performance for Bonn University dataset giving an average sensitivity, specificity of 81% and 81.4% respectively for classification among all five classes. Also for binary classification achieving 99.9%, 99.5% score value for specificity and sensitivity instead of 2D models used by other researchers. Thus developed system will significantly help neurosurgeons in increasing their performance.


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