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Gulchin Abdullayeva
Institute of Control Systems of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
Ulker Alizade
Institute of Control Systems of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
Vol. 8 No. 3 (2019), Articles, pages 79-93
Accepted: Mar 26, 2020
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An approach to objective assessment of ultrasound examination is presented. To this end, modern information technologies and a set of mathematical methods in the form of a package are proposed. In this paper, diagnosis is viewed as a three-step process, and closed sub-objects are investigated using complex images, which pertains to the earliest diagnostic stage. For this purpose, three new features related to the disclosure of a growth are included in the paper. A system that performs the detection of the growth and finds the coordinates, area, gravity center and color palette of the obtained image is developed. By means of the created software package, the image is cleared from noise, filtering operations are performed, boundaries are defined more clearly and recognition by the mathematical morphology method is completed using selected classifiers. The main purpose is to direct doctor's attention to the presence of the pre-indicator of a non-specific symptom and to control the future development of the growth. The accuracy of the system is confirmed by the detection and identification of closed growths in the images taken in an ultrasound examination of internal organs of the human body. The system's operability has been tested directly on the ultrasound images (138 cases investigated), with the result of 98.8% at the diagnostic stage, 92, 03% at the early diagnostic stage; 2 cases have been recorded at the earliest diagnostic stage in 2018 and the frequency of monitoring has been determined.


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