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Jean Louis Monino
Department of Economics, TRIS Laboratory, University of Montpellier
Soraya Sedkaoui
Vol. 5 No. 3 (2016), Articles, pages 63-71
Accepted: Nov 15, 2016
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This work explores a new application which can effectively meet different localization accuracy requirements of most data location services studying the interactions between customers and suppliers. It helps to have the status or position of what is sought with respect to an address that summarizes thus a reference point which is the point of research. This proposal explains what snail algorithm is and how we can benefit from using it for the localization of information for business applications especially in the field of analytics. A business application using our algorithm has been developed by the company (located in the department of Herault, Montpellier city) to illustrate its feasibility and availability. The results show that our algorithm can improve the localization accuracy.


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