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Manuel Gómez Zotano
Corporación Radio Televisión Española
Jorge Goméz-Sanz
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Juan Pavón
Universidad Complutense Madrid
Vol. 4 No. 3 (2015), Articles, pages 47-56
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Mass media websites can be worthy to understand user trends in web services. RTVE, the National Broadcaster in Spain is a sample of such kind of service. Trend points to a shorter user interaction over the last three years, and a more straight access to content. Besides the number of pages consumed in a visit is becoming smaller as well. This article reviews these trends with data obtained from public sources, and analyze the distribution of web pages in the client layer and the corresponding distribution observed in the server layer. The two distributions can be characterized by Zipf-like distributions and ?, the degree of disparity in the popularity distribution, is calculated for both. In all cases ? is higher to one implying a huge concentration of popularity on a few objects.


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