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Xian Wang
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Paula Tarrío
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Ana María Bernardos
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Eduardo Metola
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
José Ramón Casar
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Vol. 1 No. 3 (2012), Articles, pages 11-25
Accepted: Jul 1, 2013


Many mobile devices embed nowadays inertial sensors. This enables new forms of human-computer interaction through the use of gestures (movements performed with the mobile device) as a way of communication. This paper presents an accelerometer-based gesture recognition system for mobile devices which is able to recognize a collection of 10 different hand gestures. The system was conceived to be light and to operate in a user-independent manner in real time. The recognition system was implemented in a smart phone and evaluated through a collection of user tests, which showed a recognition accuracy similar to other state-of-the art techniques and a lower computational complexity. The system was also used to build a human-robot interface that enables controlling a wheeled robot with the gestures made with the mobile phone


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