The «mutatis mutandis» of scientific communication in the internet age


The news world is undergoing a profound change. The traditional way by which the public has access to the information is replaced very fast for new tracks and supports that the communication technologies provide us that were so unexpected a few years ago. The future of newspapers seems to be committed, at least for a majority of newspapers. The consumption habits of news and entertainment on radio and television are changing dramatically, especially among younger generations. Internet access opens the door to culture and knowledge, with what seems a limitlesspower. Social networks and citizen journalism replace the indispensable intermediary, with the analysis and ranking of information, which until now was carried out by the reporter. In this context, the strategic importance of science communication in the know-ledge society is compromised. Will the values of truth, transparency and trust in journalism remain? Will science journalism based on the verification sources and news-values survive in this profound technological revolution and socio-cultural transition?
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De Semir, V. (2011). The «mutatis mutandis» of scientific communication in the internet age. ArtefaCToS. Revista De Estudios Sobre La Ciencia Y La tecnología, 3(1), 49–79. Retrieved from


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Author Biography

Vladimir De Semir

Universidad Pompeu Fabra
Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Edificio Roc Boronat (Campus de la Comunicación-Poblenou). Roc Boronat, 138. 08018 Barcelona (España)