Improving Podcast Distribution on Gwanda using PrivHab: a Multiagent Secure Georouting Protocol.

  • Adrián Sánchez-Carmona
    Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) adria.sanchez[at]
  • Sergi Robles
    Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona
  • Carlos Borrego
    Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona


We present PrivHab, a multiagent secure georouting protocol that improves podcast distribution on Gwanda, Zimbabwe. PrivHab learns the whereabouts of the nodes of the network to select an itinerary for each agent carrying a piece of data. PrivHab makes use of cryptographic techniques to make the decisions while preserving nodes' privacy. PrivHab uses a waypoint-based georouting that achieves a high performance and low overhead in rugged terrain areas that are plenty of physical obstacles. The store-carry-and-forward approach used is based on mobile agents and is designed to operate in areas that lack network infrastructure. The PrivHab protocol is compared with a set of well-known delay-tolerant routing algorithms and shown to outperform them.
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