Network Management using Multi-Agents System

  • Gustavo Isaza
    Universidad de Caldas gustavo.isaza[at]
  • Maria H. Mejía
    Universidad de Caldas
  • Luis Fernando Castillo
    Universidad de Caldas
  • Adriana Morales
    Universidad de Caldas
  • Nestor Duque
    Universidad de Caldas


This paper aims to present a multiagent system for network management. The models developed for the proposed system defines certain intelligent agents interact to achieve the objectives and requirements of the multiagent organization.These agents have the property of being adaptive, acquire knowledge and skills to make decisions according to the actual state of the network that is represented in the information base, MIB, SNMP devices. The ideal state of the network policy is defined by the end user entered, which contain the value that should have performance variables and other parameters such as the frequency with which these variables should be monitored.. An agent based architecture increase the integration, adaptability, cooperation, autonomy and the efficient operation in heterogeneous environment in the network supervision. 
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