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A Multi-Agent Extension of a Hierarchical Task Network Planning Formalism PDF
Rafael Cauê CARDOSO, Rafael Heitor BORDINI 5-17
An Analysis of Software Agents, Environ-ments and Applications School (WESAAC): Retrospective, Relevance, and Trends PDF
Enyo GONÇALVES, Mariela CORTÉS, Marcos DE OLIVEIRA, Nécio VERAS, Mário FALCÃO, Jaelson CASTRO 19-32
Ulises: A Agent-Based System For Timbre Classification PDF
Eduardo Porto TEIXEIRA, Eder M. N. GONCALVES, Diana F. ADAMATTI 33-44
Using trust degree for agents in order to assign spots in a Smart Parking PDF
Lucas Fernando SOUZA DE CASTRO, Gleifer VAZ ALVES, André PINZ BORGES 45-55
Development of a Graphical Tool to integrate the Prometheus AEOlus methodology and Jason Platform PDF
Rafhael CUNHA, Cleo BILLA, Diana ADAMATTI 57-70
Predicting Plan Failure by Monitoring Action Sequences and Duration PDF
Giovani Parente FARIAS, Ramon Fraga PEREIRA, Lucas W. HILGERT, Felipe MENEGUZZI, Renata VIEIRA, Rafael H. BORDINI 71-84
The online tourist fraud: the new measures of technological investigation in Spain PDF
M.ª Belén AIGE 85-95


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