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Using multi-objective optimization to design parameters in electro-discharge machining by wire PDF
Carlos Alberto OCHOA, Lourdes Yolanda MARGAIN, Francisco Javier ORNELAS, Sandra Guadalupe JIMÉNEZ, Teresa Guadalupe PADILLA 1-9
A multiagent system to assist elder people by TV communication PDF
Víctor PARRA, Vivian LÓPEZ, Mohd Saberi MOHAMAD 10-16
Android Malware Detection Using Kullback-Leibler Divergence PDF
Vanessa N. COOPER, Hisham M. HADDAD, Hossain SHAHRIAR 17-25
Service-Oriented Architectures: from Design to Production exploiting Workflow Patterns PDF
Saverio GIALLORENZO, Maurizio GABBRIELLI, Fabrizio MONTESI 26-52
Picture models for 2-scene comics creating system PDF
Miki UENO, Naoki MORI, Keinosuke MATSUMOTO 53-64
Mobility Integration of ERP systems PDF
Álvaro LOZANO, Gabriel VILLARRUBIA, Alberto LÓPEZ 65-70
The awareness of Privacy issues in Ambient Intelligence PDF
Mar LÓPEZ, Juanita PEDRAZA, Javier CARBÓ, José M. MOLINA 71-84


Index Vol 3 Num 9 PDF

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