Development of a Graphical Tool to integrate the Prometheus AEOlus methodology and Jason Platform

Rafhael CUNHA


Software Engineering (SE) is an area that intends to build high-quality software in a systematic way. However, traditional software engineering techniques and methods do not support the demand for developing Multiagent Systems (MAS). Therefore a new subarea has been studied, called Agent Oriented Software Engineering (AOSE). The AOSE area proposes solutions to specific issues related to the development of agent oriented systems. There are several methodologies to model MAS, however, until now, there is not a standard modelling language because they are very complex systems, and involve several different concepts. Another issue of this subarea is that there are very few tools that are able to automatically generate code, reducing its acceptance in the software development market. In this work, we propose a tool to support the Prometheus AEOlus Methodology, because it provides modelling artifacts to all MAS dimensions proposed by ~Demazeau: agents, environment, interactions and organization. The tool supports all Prometheus AEOlus artifacts and it can automatically generated code to the agent and interaction dimensions in the AgentSpeak(L) language, which is the language used in the Jason platform. We have done some validations with the proposed tool and a case study is presented. Our results indicate that our tool has full compatibility with the Jason platform, and it is able to automatic generate code in AgentSpeak(L). As future work, we intend to develop the integration of the artifacts with the JaCaMo framework, enabling a full integration between our tool and the Prometheus AEOlus methodology.


Agent Oriented Software Engineering; Multiagent System; Jason Platform; Prometheus AEOlus Methodology


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