Smart device definition and application on embedded system: performance and optimi-zation on a RGBD sensor



Embedded control systems usually are characterized by its limitations in terms of computational power and memory. Although this systems must deal with perpection and actuation signal adaptation and calculate control actions ensuring its reliability and providing a certain degree of fault tolerance. The allocation of these tasks between some different embedded nodes conforming a distributed control system allows to solve many of these issues. For that reason is proposed the application of smart devices aims to perform the data processing tasks related with the perception and actuation and offer a simple interface to be configured by other nodes in order to share processed information and raise QoS based alarms. In this work is introduced the procedure of implementing a smart device as a sensor as an embedded node in a distributed control system. In order to analyze its benefits an application based on a RGBD sensor implemented as an smart device is proposed.


Smart device; RGBD Sensor; Data acquisition; Embedded system

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