Picture models for 2-scene comics creating system

Miki UENO, Naoki MORI, Keinosuke MATSUMOTO


Recently, computer understanding pictures and stories becomes one of the most important research topics in computer science. However, there are few researches about human like understanding by computers because pictures have not certain format and contain more lyric aspect than that of natural laguage. For picture understanding, a comic is the suitable target because it is consisted by clear and simple plot of stories and separated scenes.
In this paper, we propose 2 different types of picture models for 2-scene comics creating system. We also show the method of the application of 2-scene comics creating system by means of proposed picture model.


Automatic Drawing Picture; 2-scene Comic Creating System; Picture State Transition; Picture Model; Introducing Semantics to Picture; Comic Engineering

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14201/ADCAIJ2014325364

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