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Pollination seasons in Perugia area (Central Italy)


ABSTRACT: It is very helpful for allergological and ecological purposes to formulate a "pollen calendar" for each zone,, to have mean data about the time and the cubic metre concentration in which the pollen grains occur in the atmosphere of investigated zone. The results of ten years of continuous monitoring of airborne pollen concentrations with a volumetric pollen trap in Perugia, have revealed some likeness and differences, concerning the time, the quantity and the quality of the monitored pollen grains during the studied period. In the atmosphere of Perugia, Cupressaceae/Taxaceae, Fagaceae (Quercus), Poaceae, Oleaceae and Urticaceae are the main taxa; the first peak at the end of the winter, Fagaceae (Quercus), Poaceae and Oleaceae in May and June, while Urticaceae has a very long period of pollination with many peaks during the spring-summer period.
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