Giere’ Perspectivism from an Axiological Perspective


Scientific perspectivism (Giere, 2006) is an epistemological proposal that considers scientific theories as points of view for knowledge. It was an important turn in Giere’s work, because he turned to scientific practice and even analyzed examples from contemporary technoscience (Hubble, CERN, etc.) and not just from modern science, as other epistemologists tend to do. This article aims to improve Giere’s proposal by adding an axiological dimension to his perspectivism. It starts from the hypothesis that scientific activity is guided by epistemic values (Kuhn, Laudan, Putnam) and that other types of values operate in technoscience. By way of conclusion, taking up Giere’s debate between objectivism and perspectivism, it is stated that when epistemologists speak of objectivity and reality, they are speaking of values, and more specifically of epistemic values (objectivity), as well as ontological values (reality).
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