Distributed Cognition: Between the Individual and the Social


Ronald Giere employed the concept of distributed cognition as a tool to analyse scientific research. In this paper we begin by explaining the origin of this notion in the examples of navigation and parallel distributed processing, as well as Giere’s application to science. Next, we examine the explanatory advantages of distributed cognition within his perspectivism, particularly the claim that it allows to study science as a process and to erase the divide between the cognitive and the social, and the limits that Giere establishes for its application. Then we locate Giere’s position in relation to the debates about the extended mind and its successive waves, focused either on the parity principle, the complementarity principle, or the collective and social nature of cognition. In doing so, we show that some criticisms of Giere miss the point. Finally, we reevaluate Giere’s reluctance to extend certain mental properties to distributed cognitive systems, presenting two recent attempts to establish conditions in which such an extension is reasonable.
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