Technical and environmental change in Spain: agricultural backwardness or «European dragon»?


The pejorative view on Spanish agriculture, the main source of employment until 1950, has been one of the constants in the socioeconomic analysis until the end of the last century. It became one of the topics that fueled the idea of Hispanic inferiority, to which contributed writers like Joaquín Costa. The renewal of the agrarian history has corrected the image of social and economic backwardness in two ways: a better knowledge of the processes of technical innovation and the opening to the concept of environmental and biological limits of Spanish farming. This serves to draw attention to the dangers of productivism. This concept can be now use as argument, but we must take in account that Franco destroyed and refocused the innovation systems and eliminated the chances of the way peasant, that the Republican land reform would have made it possible.
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Robledo Hernández, R. (2011). Technical and environmental change in Spain: agricultural backwardness or «European dragon»?. ArtefaCToS. Revista De Estudios Sobre La Ciencia Y La tecnología, 4, 123–135. Retrieved from


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Ricardo Robledo Hernández

Universidad de Salamanca
Instituto Universitario de Estudios de la Ciencia y la Tecnología. Residencia Universitaria "Colegio de Oviedo". Universidad de Salamanca. C/ Alfonso X, s/n. Campus Miguel de Unamuno - 37007 Salamanca (España)