• CfP: Monographic Section of ArtefaCToS. Revista de Estudios sobre la Ciencia y la Tecnología - 2022

    CfP: “Philosophical primatology. Reflections on the work of Frans de Waal”   Guest editors   Joaquín Suárez (Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina) Óscar David Caicedo (Universidad del Atlántico, Colombia)   Submission deadline: 21.07.2022   Current discussions around 'anthropocentrism', animal ethics or the implications of the evolutionary approach in the various philosophical subdisciplines (e.g., evolutionary ethics, evolutionary epistemology, evolutionary aesthetics, etc.), show the relevance that primatological investigations have gained in their articulation with the philosophical analysis. One of the unavoidable researchers when delving into this articulation is the Dutch primatologist Frans de Waal. Books like The Politics of Chimpanzees (1982), Primates and Philosophers (2006) and The Age of Empathy(2009) have already become classics.   The work of the primatologist allows articulating and contrasting old philosophical problems with diverse knowledge coming from ethology, cognitive sciences and evolutionary biology in general. His aforementioned book The Politics of Chimpanzees, which this year celebrates its 40th anniversary, is recommended reading to deepen not only the understanding of why we are social animals and why we behave as such, but also the mental processes underlying decision making and social organization. That is why this special issue of ArtefaCToS. Revista de Estudios sobre la Ciencia y la Tecnología seeks to reflect on his work through articles that resume and/or problematize his developments, in order to analyze the conditions of possibility of a contemporary 'philosophical primatology'. Paper topics include (but are not restricted to):   Current repercussions of primatological studies in philosophical ethics Reviews in philosophical anthropology in the light of contemporary primatology Articulations between primatology and cognitive sciences Problematization of anthropocentrism from primatological studies Conceptual thinking in nonhuman primates Metaphilosophical implications of evolutionary continuity Others   The monographic issue will feature an introduction by Dr. de Waal.   In turn, it will have a translation authorized by Dr. de Waal and by the original publisher (Behaviour), of the article called “Natural normativity: The ‘is’ and ‘ought’ of animal behavior” (2014).   The deadline for submissions is 21.07.2022 (10,000 words limit for each manuscript – references included).   See the journal webpage ( for author guidelines.   For further information, please contact the guest editors:   Submissions should be sent through the OJS platform:   Read more about CfP: Monographic Section of ArtefaCToS. Revista de Estudios sobre la Ciencia y la Tecnología - 2022