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  • Alfred Heubeck
Alfred Heubeck
Vol. 12 (1972), Comunicaciones
Aceptado: nov 9, 2009


In some important contributions E. Risch has formulated his standpoint about the genesis of the Greek language; an eminent merit of these works lies to my mind in his repeated and emphatic warnings against incautious use of the dialectal situation of archaic and classical times as a basis for the reconstruction of linguistic conditions and developments in the second millennium: in other words, against considering the division and arrangement of the Greek dialects visible in later times as a rather linear continuation of a dialectal situation in Mycenaean, Pre-Mycenaean, or even Proto-Greek times. We may differ in judging single phenomena : the results of his considerations that Risch has impressively summarized in 9 main theses cannot be disproved in any essential respect.


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