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  • John Chadwick
John Chadwick
Vol. 8 Núm. 1 (1963), Artículos 2
Aceptado: nov 3, 2009


The word pa-wo-ke occurs on PY Aa 795 as a description of female workers, and its genitive pa-wo-ko appears on Ad 691 with the suffix -qe after o-pi-ro-qo and e-ke-ro-qo-no in a description of the parentage of nine men. The same spelling pa-wo-ko recurs on PY La 632 before the ideogram LANA, but there are insufficient parallels to determine whether or not this is the same word. In Aa-Ad it is clear that we have a noun with a velar stem, ending -es in the nominative plural, -on in the genitive plural.


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