PY An 1


As the heading (on line 1) indicates, the record deals with rowers {e-re-ta) going to Pleuron {pe-re-u-ro-na-de i-jo-te). In the body of the tablet, on 11. 2-6, a total of 30 (or possibly 31) MEN are booked against a series of place-names: 8 against ro-o-wa, 5 against ri-jo, 4 against po-ra-pi, 6 against te-ta-ra-ne and 7 ( + ?) against a-po-ne-we. The numeral in the a-po-ne-we entry is not certainly complete: if it were 7, the total number of men listed on the tablet would be a neat multiple of ten (30); but the arrangement of the surviving unit strokes would also allow a restoration of 8, in which case the total would be 31.
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