Po-ni-ki-jo in the Knossos Ga Tableís


The Knossos Ga tablets are receipt and delivery accounts dealing with certain commodities, which seem to be mainly aromata. These documents have been systematically studied by A. Sacconi in her examination of ideogram *123. The commodities recorded in the Ga tablets vary in accordance with scribal hand: scribe 223 deals with ku-pa-ro (set 3); scribe 135 does both with ku-pa-ro and ko-ri-ja-do-no (set 1); scribe 136 records entries both oí ko-ri-ja-do-no and po-ni-ki-jo (set 2); documents in hand 137 deal with po-ni-ki-jo alone (set 4) and, finally, those in hand 221 do with ki-ta-no (set 5).
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