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Monographic section for special issue 27 of Fonseca Journal of Communication

Superheroic screens: figures, forms, politics

The 21st century has seen the birth of a new film genre: the superhero movies. If the first superhero films appeared earlier and if the superheroic figures (in a wide variety of formats and media: comics, films or television series) did even more so, it is indeed this century that has seen the appearance of a large number of films that allows us to speak of a genuine film genre. From the big screen, superheroes and superheroines lead a worldwide invasion: they confirm their transmedia character and become hegemonic within the different cultural industries, not to say in all types of cultural production and in the extra-filmic space. Beyond the promotional marketing of the works with which they are associated, these figures decorate all kinds of everyday objects, as well as the clothes we wear, or the urban landscape, in an unprecedented form of popular appropriation. As they spread, their variations on screen become increasingly diverse, and make obsolete the first attempts to define them and the genre with which they are associated.

This omnipresence and these transformations invite us to question them, to learn about the origins of these global narratives, their mutations, and extrapolations, as well as to examine their thematic, social, and political contents. To this end, we propose a monographic dossier on the audiovisual production that involve superheroic figures on different screens, limiting ourselves to:

  • cinema films,
  • serials,
  • television series,
  • digital platform series.

We intend to answer various questions:

  • What characteristics define a superheroic figure
  • To what extent can we speak of a superhero audiovisual genre
  • What chronology can we establish
  • How does the genre unfold on different screens
  • What figures, titles, companies represent it
  • How do the narrative universes function
  • What figures and works exist outside the global hegemonic industries
  • What values do superheroic figures embody
  • How do they reflect the concerns of the societies that create/receive them (political and social; national, gender and sexual identity, race, class, etc.)

The monographic section will include up to 7 articles.



Marta Álvarez, Université de Franche-Comté, CRIT EA 3224, ORCID 0000-0003-3162-5938

Laureano Montero, Université de Bourgogne, TIL EA 4182, ORCID 0000-0002-3949-893X


Editora del monográfico: Nereida López Vidales ( )


LANGUAGES OF PUBLICATION: English, French, Spanish


Article submission: 15 May 2023 to 30 June 2023.

Notification of acceptance/rejection: before September 15, 2023.

Publication: December 1, 2023.


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  • Submitted articles will be assessed by two external reviewers (double blind peer review).
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